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Waldron Communication Co.
115 South Main Street
P.O. Box 197
Waldron, MI 49288
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Contact Info
Toll Free: 888-792-7958
Phone: (517) 286-6211
Fax: (517) 286-6219

Monday - Friday
8:30am to 5pm

About Us

Waldron Communication was formed in 1998 with the desire to bring more affordable long distance service to our community. It is with that same passion and desire that we continue to offer a broad range of customer-focused communication services.

We take pride in the communities we serve. We live where you live and thus understand your needs better than any other communication provider. As a local provider, we are right here to make sure that your needs are met and expectations exceeded.

A Perfect Partnership!
Through a partnership with the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC), we are able to offer you high-quality, cost-effective IPTV service and Viasat high speed internet service. Both of these offerings help us broaden our reach and suite of services.
Add those to our long distance service, high speed DSL Internet, wireless Internet, dial-up Internet, web hosting and other services - and you start to see just how much Waldron Communications can do for you!


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